Package Deals

Starter Pack A


1 kg Beef Mince
1 kg Thin Sausages
6 x Beef and Veg Rissoles
6 x Lamb Chops
1kg Rump Steak

Starter Pack B


4 x Pork Loin Chops
1 kg Beef Mince
1 kg Premium Sausages
2 x T-bone steaks
6 x Lamb Chops
4 x Wagyu Burgers
1 kg Chicken Breast
1 kg Chicken Thigh
1 x Beef Roast

Family Splita Pack


4 x 1 kg Beef Mince
4 x 1kg Hasties Thick or Thin Sausages
4 x 1 kg Chicken Schnitzel
4 x 1kg Chicken Breast
4 x 1kg Rump Steak
4 x 1kg Gourmet Rissoles
4 x Packet Gravy
4 x 6 each Lamb Chops
4 x 6 each Pork Chops
4 x 1kg Marinated Chicken Drumettes

BBQ Pack


1kg Beef & Veg Rissoles
12 x Chicken Kebabs
1kg Chicken Drumettes
10 x Minute Steaks
1kg Sausages
6 x Lamb 4 ¼ Chops

Family Feast


1kg Eye bacon
1kg Premium Mince
1kg Fresh Chicken Breast
1kg Premium Rump Steak
1kg Lamb Loin Chops
1kg Flavoured Sausage

Couples Pack


2 x Grassfed Scotch Fillet
2 x Gourmet Pastry
6 x Lamb Cutlets
1kg StirFry of your choice
1 x Mini Lamb Roast
6 x Sundried Tomato & Basil Sausage
½ kg Mince

Silver Pack


1 x Whole Fresh Rump
1kg Rissoles
1kg Sausages
1kg Premium Mince
1kg Lamb Loin Chops
1 x No 16 Chicken

Gold Pack


1 x Whole Greenham Tasmanian Striploin
1kg Flavoured Sausage
2kg Premium Mince
1kg Bacon
1kg Chicken Breast
6 x Pork Cutlets

Platinum Pack


1 Whole MSA Scotch Fillet (Small)
1 kg Beef & Veg Rissoles
Pork Cutlet Rack
1 x Leg of lamb
1 x tray Wagyu Beef Patties
1kg Italian Sausage
4 x Chicken Pasties
1 kg Premium Mince

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